I’m just getting warmed up.

Winter, #letsbefrank, it’s not all marshmallows and fireplaces. In-between secretly wearing your pajamas underneath your clothes, inviting other babes over to spoon you at night and relying on your hairdryer as a body heater, your skin suffers. Here’s what the winter blues do to your skin and how to end them:


No moisture up in here.

Moisturiser. Weird to say, important to have. Harsh winter conditions mean your skin will be dryer than a blind date and prone to other nasties like breakouts, cracked lips, flaky bits, and questionable rebounds. Skin not only needs more moisture but moisture right after you wash. Applying moisturiser to damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin, leaving you supple for longer. My Caffeinated Face Moisturiser is natural, lightweight and caffeinated. I don’t contain any nasties that secretly clog pores over time. I only contain ingredients that make your skin look great and stay healthy. Because, #letsbefrank, it’s one of those things you don’t think about but will have you wondering why you didn’t start earlier once you do.


Fire and water:

While the thought of hot water on your face during winter seems like the only realistic wake-up call, it’s also not helpful. Leave your tap to reach a lukewarm temperature to avoid stripping as many oils away from the skin. We need those, babe. We really, really do.



If I had it my way, hot chocolate would come out of your bathroom taps. Alas, I like getting dirty with babes, not pipes. While it’s a lot more comforting drinking a hot drink than a cold one during winter, that doesn’t mean you should ditch the water altogether. Skin needs hydration from the inside too. Carrying a water bottle around will remind you to drink more and keep you glowing from the inside out.


Tone down the toxins.

Babe want no scrubs. And everyone wants a little TLC. These don’t include toxins and chemicals like parabens and PEGS. If you’re a babe who is prone to skin conditions, avoiding allergens and irritants that may trigger your skin to flare up is a great way to keep those nasties at bay but winter brings a new level of challenges. Cold conditions make the skin more fragile and prone to irritation. Avoiding irritating fabrics, chemical-laden detergents, and opting for using gentle cleansers, like my Charcoal Face Cleanser are all ways you can protect yourself before you hurt yourself.  I’ll help keep sensitive skin at bay all the while giving you the protection and moisture you need because muscles aren’t everything.


Protect your insides like your outsides.

Food: fun with friends, fun in bed. As much as pizza encompasses all the food groups, it turns out, it’s not all that good all the time *babe faints* Eating wholesome, nutritious food like broccoli and all those green things keep your insides which keeps your outsides glowing. And while my Coconut Coffee Scrub is green, you can’t eat me, sorry babe.


Eat your vitamins:

Not the gummy bear kind. Getting a high dose of Vitamin C,  zinc or omega-3 helps to support a healthy production of collagen. These super supplements are the building blocks your skin needs to appear supple and smooth. But, for the day’s you’d rather curl up into a ball than eat a salad, dive into my Cacao Coffee Scrub – proof chocolate is actually good for your skin (pause for applause). With a blend of organic cacao extract, cold-pressed macadamia oil and sweet almond oil, I’ll give you all the antioxidants you need without picking any berries. The result is smooth, supple skin that looks even, glowing and healthy.


So, shall we head back to yours?