Exercise isn’t about changing your body. It’s about changing your mind. Feeling focused, energised, and brighter. Endorphins make you happy, remember? The best part of exercise? You don’t even need a gym membership to work up a sweat. 


Move your body because it feels good. Here are 4 ways to move it whilst doing your regular morning routine. #letsbefrank, I’m all about multitasking.


1. Scrubercise.

Did you know scrubbing counts as exercise? Moving your hands in circular motions all over your body can really get a sweat on, while it gets dead skin off. You can always count on me to get your skin soft and your heart rate up. Wink. 

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2. Raise the roof. And your calves.

Up down, up down. It’s simple. It’s fun. Do them while you’re masking your face, brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, or checking yourself out (who can blame you). 


3. Shake it like a polaroid picture. 

Throw on some Dua Lipa and take off a layer of clothes. Microphone? Your hair brush. Stage? Your bathroom tiles. Audience? I’ll always cheer you on, babe. 


4. Drop it, squat it. 

Why do I love squats? Reason #1: you can do them anytime, anywhere. Reason #2: it’s all about the booty. Which, #letsbefrank, is my favourite body part. 10 squats at the basin. 10 squats in the shower. 10 squats while you’re drying off. And repeat tomorrow morning. See you then.


xx frank