Let’s shower together to empower together.

Meet the artist behind my limited edition Rachael Sarra x The Original Coffee Scrub. 

A bespoke design for babes to achieve good skin for a good cause.

A good scrub for a great cause. 

100% of profits from every limited edition scrub sold will be donated to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation to support an amazing cause that’s close to frank’s heart. 

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation exists to raise the literacy level of Australia’s most marginalised communities and empower First Nations peoples.

My CMO and founder Jess Hatzis is a long time ambassador for the ALNF, and this is a project that has been years in the making. It all came together when we teamed up with Rachael Sarra and chatted to her about the process. 

Meet the artist.

“I’m Rachael Sarra, a proud Goreng Goreng woman from the Bundaberg area, but I’ve grown up and lived in Jagera country in Ipswich my whole life. I’m an artist and designer and I’m really excited and really proud to work on this collaboration.” 

About the artwork.

“A lot of [frank body’s] products are used in the shower, so we have that water element. I really wanted to be inspired by the waterways. And when that water washes over you, it’s a reminder from our past through to our present, and that understanding that we’re still here and we’re still thriving and surviving. I really wanted to get that across in the artwork to really empower everyone, but to also offer a moment of reflection for those who may be non-indigenous to reflect on where our culture has come from and how long we’ve been here and really get that story across.”

On frank body.

“When I’m looking for collaborations it’s about that shared value and shared understanding and making sure that we do align and that very much was met by frank body. It felt right, I’m really proud to share it.”

On the ALNF.

“Something that ALNF really strive towards is creating that empowerment. Through literacy and numeracy, we are creating these opportunities for ourselves through self determination. And I think that’s just so important to not only share in the artwork, but to make people aware of the incredible work that they do. What I love about ALNF is that they’re creating this culturally safe space for mob to get that understanding.”

On Rachael’s practice.

“My practice stemmed from where I saw positive energy coming from when I was growing up . . . Art was great but then once I was able to connect that with my culture, that’s when it became a powerful vessel for me to find my voice and speak up in a way that we have been denied for a long time. Embracing that has been a positive way to not only share my own story and find my own belonging within myself but extend that to other young mob who are finding their place to belong . . .  and doing that in a contemporary way and focusing on bright and engaging colors. What inspires me is using art as a vessel to resolve what I’m grappling with internally.”

Final thoughts.

“And I think also because we are the longest continuing culture in the world, there is so much that collectively we can learn from and implement into our lives from a sustainability perspective, from a knowledge practice. And I think it’s just beautiful and it’s a really lovely pairing between all three of us.”

Want to be a part of this super special collaboration? Shop the scrub here and read more about Jess and the ALNF.

Let’s shower together to empower together.