Give it up for Kylee Heath, the celebrity stylist responsible for making Nicole Kidman’s hair look the way it does: insanely gorgeous. In fact, she’s the babe behind some of the best hair moments in Hollywood her client roster goes on to include Lily Collins, Mandy Moore, and Emma Roberts. 


Kylee and I got to dirty talking, and let’s just say she spoke my love language. Here are her top hair tips.


frank: How often should babes wash their hair?


Kylee: Everyone’s hair is different. I recommend not washing your hair daily if you use heat on your hair and/or colour your hair. It’s good to give your hair a break and retain some of your natural oils. If it gets oily quickly, a powder dry shampoo will be your best friend. It absorbs the oil, helping your hair stay fresh for longer.


frank: What are 3 things babes should do for healthy hair? 


Kylee: #1, a good dry shampoo. Your Dry Clean Volume Powder is my new favourite. It’s very easy to apply and I’ve always loved a powder dry shampoo over an aerosol. I think a powder really absorbs the oil in your hair while keeping it feeling light. #2, a good hairbrush. If you use a brush that snags your hair or really yanks on it, get rid of it. #3, a hair mask is important. I use a mask once a week.


frank: For busy babes with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s a quick and cute style?


Kylee: Use dry shampoo. I like to apply the Dry Clean Volume Powder to my roots and then wrap the top and front sections of my hair around a curling iron. I’ll then run my fingers through my hair to break up the waves. Boom: 5 minute hair done.


I also love a messy ponytail when I am low on time. I apply the Dry Clean Volume Powder and brush it through my hair. I make sure the dry shampoo is brushed through really well, as this refreshes all of your hair, not just the roots. I section away the front and pull the back into a high ponytail. This dry shampoo gives you a heap of volume, so give the front section a light tease and pull it back to join the ponytail. I add some texture to the ponytail with a light tease also. Quick, easy and pretty! 


Ponytail, beach waves, or bedhead, you’re always a babe in my eyes.


Xx frank