My mummas made me with a few things in mind. They wanted skincare to be good. They wanted skincare to be natural. They wanted skincare to be fun. But just as importantly, they wanted skincare to be affordable. Well triple check and one for good luck: they did it. They made a good, natural, fun, and affordable skincare range. They’re four things that will never be compromised. Even when it comes to making active products like a Vitamin C mask, which typically is a product that breaks the bank. But not my Brightening Vitamin C Mask, it’s highly effective and one you don’t need to save up for.

My newest product is a triple threat: brightening, clearing, and softening your skin at the same time. At $19.95, it’s both effective and affordable skincare. But then again, all of my products are affordable too. From affordable anti-aging skincare to affordable products for acne scars. Because every babe deserves to feel good in their skin, regardless of how much moolah is in their wallet.

Here are 10 things my new Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask is more affordable than.

  1. A cheap bottle of wine.

On the specials rack. You’ve had a big day. Get two. The damage: $24.

  1. Your lunch on UberEats.

Minus the delivery fee. Plus a snack for later. And dessert.

The damage: $30

  1. A paperback copy of Normal People.

That you could have borrowed from one of the million other people who bought it, #letsbefrank.

The damage: $29.99

  1. A two month’s Netflix subscription.

High-5 for having your own and not using your ex boyfriend’s/parents/flatmate’s.

The damage: $25.98


  1. A week’s supply of flat whites.

I know your order. I also know another kind of coffee you can have, any time of day.

The damage: $28


  1. An online personal trainer. 

Does scrubbing count as exercise? It does? How about scrubbing with a friend?

The damage: $35


  1. Your comfiest, cosiest sweats.

Who am I to come between a babe and her most prized possession?

The damage: $29.96


  1. A dumbbell.

For lifting casually, while watching TV, while using your other hand to lift snacks.

The damage: $59.95


  1. A subscription to your favourite fashion mag.

There’s nothing like flipping the pages and imagining wearing them to parties (of two).

The damage: $79.95.


  1. A bag of instant coffee.

You know, on top of those 7 flat whites from earlier. A babe can’t have too much coffee.

The damage: $24


All these things will help brighten your mood. My Brightening Vitamin C Mask will also help brighten your face. So lie back in your sweats, turn on Netflix, lift a dumbbell, and get me on your cute face.


x frank