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anti makeup cleasning oil

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil

€23.95 EUR

Panda eyes aren’t a brunch look, babe.
- A clean cleanser, without PEGS.
- Grapeseed Oil brightens dry, dull skin.
- Packed with Vitamins C, D, and E.

anti angry face mist frank body

Anti-Angry Face Mist

€14.95 EUR

Look like you put your make-up on an hour ago, not a day ago.
- A rose water & aloe vera mist.
- Make-up setting spray.
- Soothes angry skin.

frank body anti drama face mask

Anti-Drama Face Mask

€21.95 EUR

A calming PM mask for AM drama.
- Charcoal detoxifies for dreamy skin.
- Lavender sorts out blemishes.
- Evening Primrose Oil smooths skin.
- Chamomile soothes skin & kicks bacteria’s butt.

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