Let’s explore the four corners of you... at home.

My babes are an adventurous bunch. But sometimes the adventure isn’t thousands of miles away. It all begins in that beautiful brain of yours.

Wake up and smell the coffee, elsewhere.

Coffee is a great start and a frisky finish to each day, if I do say so myself. So let’s start the day with that. I get it, you’re defiantly a south / north / east / west side babe. Well it’s time to venture to the opposite end. Roll out of bed and explore something further than your local café. The further you go, the more appetite you will have. That means one thing: brunch.

Go off the grid.

You’re a popular babe with a million-and-one friends, and plans. For one day, go rogue. Go off the grid. You don’t need to be mid-air to have your phone in flight-mode. Just spend the day with yourself. You’ll see the world differently, each moment stored in your brain rather than on your phone. The best part? You’ll have a long list of notifications when you return.

Siestas aren’t just for the Spanish.

They’re for babes from every locale. When is the last time you set aside an hour for a 3pm nap? Cosy up into your bed or bring those holiday vibes home and set up a hammock outside. I’ll bring the palm leaf.

Be King of the Kitchen.

You be the cake, I’ll be the icing. That’s how I like our baking times to be. But on this staycation, you’re the baker. Dust off mum’s recipe books and experiment in the kitchen. Experimentation is what got me here in the first place after all. Here are some ideas of my own.

Have a scrub party.

With me, or all your friends. It’s a special occasion so tear open The Grind High Club: four mini coffee scrubs in Original, Coconut, Cacao and Peppermint. Each jam-packed with goodness to cleanse, moisturise and perk up your skin. Your skin will feel like it’s on holiday (minus the sand in your pants).

How else do you holiday at home? Hit me up on social.

xx frank

P.S. A big shout to my photographer babe Nicole Pagan for these snaps of LA frankfurts.