I'll help get rid of that sweaty smell.

Lycra pants. Sports bras. Fitted tanks. Bike shorts. Cutout crops. Babes.

There is nothing more attractive than a babe with a healthy glow and a cheeky smile that says, “Hey I just ran 10 miles.” Don’t you think?

We’ve talked about how much I love exercise. I’ve even given you a few tips on where to start.

Remember The Sumo Squat?

Now I want to talk about the attire you wear when you’re working out.

I’m sure we can agree that when you’ve got new gym clothes, you feel like you can take on the world – even if it’s only one push up at a time.

And while I maintain that, #nopantsarethebestpants – those tight black things you’re rocking aren’t that bad either. They have a knack of accentuating your best assets.

I care about you babes. Which is why I want you wearing gym wear that’s not only babe’n but also supportive. So without further ado here are a few of my favourite work out wear labels.

Tully Lou is my #frankcrush – well, one of many.



Style Runner is where I want you babes to head for all things sports luxe. Is it active wear? Or everyday wear? I’m not sure. But I like it.



Active swimwear is a must for water babes. In the shower I’ll look after you, but when you’re swimming, surfing or bathing head to The Upside for sexy and supportive one pieces.



They’re my all favourite Aussie labels, but I could never forget the International master in activewear, @lululemonausnz. You pick the colour, fit and style. I’ll pick the exercise. Any will do. #letsbefrank

So while I prefer you getting naked with me, I support a healthy lifestyle, which of course needs active wear to match.

I’ll be waiting in the shower for you, once you’re done. I’ll help get rid of that sweaty smell and will help exfoliate dry skin.

And one more thing – let me know on social if there are any other sport brands you like here.

xx frank

I'll help get rid of that sweaty smell.