Her favourite food is chocolate, so I sent her some cacao scrub.

Her favourite food is chocolate, so I sent her some cacao scrub.

She has an extreme phobia of fish, yet spends majority of her time in the water.

Confused? Yep – I was too. However this bikini babe was an absolute dreamboat. We chatted, laughed and scrubbed, of course.

Her favourite food is chocolate, so I sent her some cacao scrub. It was the obvious thing to do. What’s the next thing I’m going to do, you ask?

Chuck my boardies on and head to the beach with Laura. (If I had legs, or arms; that is.)

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

L: Chocolate. Always. Any type – I really don’t have a cut off point. I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, I actually tried my first one this year. I was that girl who would drink sparkling water when out with friends. Now I will get a piccolo latte.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

L: I have to get straight up, otherwise I can be a bit of a slow starter. I have some lemon water and a nice breakfast. I prefer to exercise in the afternoon as I feel I get more out of the workout. So after breakfast I am off to work – whatever that may be for the day.

f: You won Miss Universe Australia in 2008 – how did this kick-start your career?

L: It was a complete and utter shock. I had hardly considered even entering. So I guess it started it with a bang. I let myself finish my degree and then dived into anything and everything the industry had to offer me.

I have a degree in Psychology, which I still love and find very interesting. I am not sure where that will take me at the moment, but I am open to options.

f: What do you think was the biggest thing you learnt from the pageant scene?

L: I guess that there are so many things in life that shape you and influence you and you just have to learn which ones to take on board. I must say the people involved in the whole process were extremely inspiring and taught me a lot, especially about food and wellbeing. This is something I will now constantly be thankful for as it has shaped my lifestyle today.

f: And what is the biggest thing you have learnt about the industry in the 6 years since winning?

L: I have learnt a lot surrounding self-confidence. Coming out of the competition, I felt a pressure to be this ‘beauty queen’. It is very easy to fall into the trap and lose your own identity. However over the years I have learnt it is not so important to be the person you’re expected to be, but more the person you are most comfortable in being.

If you are comfortable in yourself, it is the most beautiful trait to have.

I was also a bit of a worrier when I was younger, and the older I have got the more I live in the moment. I try to deal with things as they happen, rather than worrying about the what ifs, buts’ and maybes’.

f: You are an ambassador for Myer. What does this role include?

L: Doing various shoots and campaigns for them and work surrounding events such as the race season, Christmas etc. It is an incredible opportunity and it allows me to travel around Australia and see things I wouldn’t normally have the chance too.

I often try and take a few days off one side of my work commitments, as I am a passionate scuba diver. We are so lucky to have so many amazing locations on our coastlines.

f: You get to wear their incredible designers. Who is your favorite?

L: I love Toni Maticevski, Aurelio Costarella and Yeojin Bae. I always feel so comfortable and ladylike.

As you’re becoming quickly aware, I have a bit of a love for bikinis. I live in triangle, Seafolly & Vitamin A Swimwear. However I did pick up a few great pairs for $10 recently in Bali.

f: Favourite modelling campaign to date & why?

L: I have done a lot of work with Charlie Brown over the years. She shoots a lot with Steven Chee and between the two of them they came up with the most creative, inspiring and interesting shoots. It was a pleasure and very memorable.

f: You travel a lot for work. How do you find this affects you fitness regime?

L: It certainly affected me a lot at first. I used to find myself getting really tired. I used to try and plan my workouts around my days however now I take a more laid back approach. I find it more enjoyable if I just fit it in when I have some spare time, even if it is only a small amount. I then just do what I feel like on the day.

If I’m at the beach, ill soft sand run. If a friend wants to go to the gym, I’ll do that. A good walk exploring around a new hotel is always a good option too.

f: What are your favourite forms of exercise?

L: I absolutely love running – in events and just for fun. I also love dancing – I do hip hop and like to think I am a bit of a gangsta on the weekends.

I have started trying any and all forms of exercise – keeps me interested and having fun whilst I do it. I have been doing more high intensity, interval exercise at the moment, which seems to be very effective.

With all my running especially it is also vital that I stretch – so yoga and Pilates is also part of my routine. To be honest, I do what I feel like on the day. It’s a good mindset and way to live.

f: Do you change your diet at all before a big campaign or bikini shoot?

L: I am European so food is very important to me. In order to keep this, I do up my workouts. I also try to cut chocolate out. Key word being try.

Just don’t cut me out babe – my cacao variety won’t add to your waistline, I promise. #letsbefrank

f: Average day on a plate?

L: Oats or an egg white omelet in the morning. I’ll snack on chocolate or a muesli bar or chocolate bar that is protein based.

Lunch is normally protein of some form and salad. Dinner is veggies and meat.

However never seafood – my phobia of fish translates into eating them also.

f: What’s your beauty routine like?

L: I am definitely the girl that keeps it simple and natural. I have lemon in my water in the morning to alkalise my body. I often use coconut oil on my ski, as well as in my cooking. And I try and keep my skin hydrated at all times.

My one hard rule is that I never ever sleep with my makeup on.

f: What is the most important thing you look for in a beauty product?

L: Oil free foundation. I cannot stand oily skin. Apart from that, I tend to ask my makeup artists a lot what products they’re using. I learn a lot this way. On my days off, I am makeup free – not a beauty product I know, but very important to me and the quality of my skin.

f: You have very olive skin. How do you maintain this?

L: I’m very lucky – my dad is Croatian so the oliveness in my skin is natural for me. I never burn really, however I don’t feel comfortable in the sun without protection. I always have sunscreen and a hat on.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

L: The English actor Tom Hardy. He is both incredibly handsome and an amazing actor. I think you could have a great chat with him. And I also wouldn’t mind seeing him scrub.

xx frank

Her favourite food is chocolate, so I sent her some cacao scrub.