Sure, maybe right now you’re stuck in a meeting that should have been an email. But soon enough you’ll be putting your time off to good use — sitting on a beach, piña colada in hand, practicing the art of seduction with an Italian beauty. Soon enough, babe.

In the meantime, focus on your skincare routine. Stay consistent with it, and I’ll get you glowing from top to toe just in time for your Italian getaway. (or interstate – which is similar. Not really. But you get my point).


Start with a coffee scrub.


My Original Coffee Scrub is here to exfoliate your body so you’re ready to hit the boardwalk. Scrub 2-3 times a week to reduce the appearance of body breakouts, stretch marks, and cellulite. Plus, scrubbing consistently will prep your skin for a future even spray tan, if that’s your thing.


Rub with my Butt First, Coffee Kit. 


Want a caffeinated glow? Mix my Perky Hydrator together with my Booty Drops, the only two essentials you’ll ever need for firm, soft skin. The blend of coffee, acai, guarana, shea butter, and longan seed extract will help tighten and tone your booty and beyond. Save some of your souvenir money when you buy them in a kit.


Get active with my facial serums. 


A little bit of hyaluronic acid here, a little bit of retinol there. And some vitamin C for good measure. My Get Active Face Kit includes three affordable facial serums that will brighten, hydrate, and smooth your skin. Use my Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum morning and night on damp skin to lock in moisture. Dab on a pea-sized amount of my Brightening Eye Serum made with vitamin C and caffeine for less under eye baggage. And twice a week at night apply my Rewind Retinol Serum to reduce fine lines and acne.


Then pack for your vacation.


You’re almost officially OOO. The only thing left to do is pack your suitcase. Mind if I tag along? All of my best-selling body scrubs are bundled together in my convenient Out of Towners Kit. They’re travel-size and ready to hit the road. My Pore-ifics Kit also deserves some space in your luggage: it’s a 3-piece set for a clear complexion while you’re away. The Original Face Scrub, Charcoal Face Cleanser, and Caffeinated Face Moisturiser all come in a cute neoprene bag, perfect for travel. Don’t forget your favourite lip balm, SPF, and your floppiest hat. 


Happy vacationing, babe.