Bacne and buttne are a buzzkill, #letsbefrank. But my hero ingredients (read: AHAs and charcoal) are ready to swoop in and save the day. Exfoliating consistently 2-3 times a week will help clear your pores and banish body breakouts. 


Ready to fight, babe? The battle against body acne begins now.


Smoothing AHA Body Lotion: a chemical exfoliator


AHAs (most commonly lactic and glycolic acids) are gentle actives that exfoliate your skin without any scrubbing. Instead, they loosen the bonds between your dead skin cells, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion. Oh — and they also fight stubborn acne. Pow pow.


If your body breakouts can’t get the hint (seriously, why are they so clingy?) you might want to introduce them to my Smoothing AHA Body Lotion. It does it all: exfoliates and moisturises. The lactic and glycolic acids remove dead skin, while hydrating oils and mango seed butter leave you soft and nourished. 


Before you hit the sheets, apply my AHA lotion all over. I’ll work the night shift while you sleep, and put those body breakouts to bed. Literally.


Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask: a physical exfoliator


On the days when you’re not using my AHA body lotion, you might want to get a little dirtier.


Let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we? Body breakouts are a thing because of the oil, dirt, and sweat trapped in your pores. Eek. And not all heroes wear capes, because in this case, your knight in shining armor is a 2-in-1 Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask. Charcoal draws out impurities for a clearer complexion, while tea tree oil also goes to town on your acne (and even softens your scars). 


In the scrubbing sort of mood? Buff me into your skin for more action than a Marvel movie. Then leave it on as a mask while you shampoo and sing your favourite superhero theme song. The gritty blend of activated charcoal, tea tree oil and caffeine will banish your blemishes.


Not sure who should come to your rescue? Maybe call them both. They’re equally committed to fighting crime, as long as you alternate days and don’t over-exfoliate. Remember, you don’t want to anger the acne. You just want to get rid of it.


Another thing to remember? I might be the one who saves your skin, but the real hero is you. Because everybody is a babe, bacne and all.


frank xx