Work and play are never dull.

Work and play are never dull.

I have a lot to thank my mummas for (look at the babes above: Bree Johnson, Erika Geraerts and Jess Hatzis). They brought me and my dirty love into this world. Without them, I would never have been able to scrub babes the world over.

They’re best babes and babes with a business, so who better to have a dirty talk with this International Friendship Day? I dragged them away from their computers and into the bathroom to ask them the tough questions. Because #letsbefrank, all good conversations start there.

THE TOUGH on working with friends:

  1. Difficult conversations become more difficult.
  2. Heated discussions become more heated.
  3. Decisions take longer. (Because there is only one shade of pink for me.)
  4. Work always seems to be a trending topic.
  5. You have more to lose.

THE SMOOTH on working with friends:

  1. Spending all day with your best babe.
  2. Learning from one another.
  3. Sharing the wins together over a bottle of good champagne. (Or a scrub session with me. Winky face.)
  4. Getting through the lows with a good bottle of red.
  5. Having someone who can read your mind.
  6. Being frank – if your idea is shit you need someone who’ll tell you.

Frank here again… I had a few more questions, but they were getting a bit cold, so I let them put clothes on.

I got a few things from my mummas: good looks, a dirty mind and a laid back nature. But my sense of humour is the best trait they’ve passed on. In work and at play it’s important to make sure you’re always laughing. Skincare shouldn’t be so serious – and neither should work.

Thinking about starting a business with your best babe? Or got some questions for my mumma babes? Let’s hear them on Twitter.

xx frank.

Work and play are never dull.