B.O. is the pits. Introducing my new clean deodorant. Aluminum-free to prevent odour and soothe skin. It’s also vegan, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free. It comes in two scents: Cucumber & Green Tea or Unscented, for whatever type of freshness you’re feeling today. 


Here are a few burning questions babes have about my new deodorant.


What’s the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

Antiperspirants stop sweat. Deodorants stop smells. The main ingredient in antiperspirants that minimises sweat is aluminum. It does this by creating a gel-like film that seals sweat ducts, blocking the release of sweat from the glands in your precious pits. 


Why go aluminium-free?

Because sweat is normal and natural, babe. You shouldn’t have to block it, like you block the creeps in your DMs. Let your body do its natural thing and choose clean, odour-preventing ingredients instead. Plus, sweat is cool. Literally. 


Aluminium also experiences a lot of dirty talk (not the good kind) as it’s an ingredient that can get absorbed by your pits and do dirty work inside your body. Bottom line: it’s an ingredient usually followed up with a big question mark. Your skin is the largest organ, so whenever there’s talk of nasty side effects and if it’s not clear if an ingredient is safe to use, I don’t want it near your body or your bathroom. 


Why shouldn’t you use aerosols during pregnancy?

When it comes to baby mummas, I recommend playing it safe. Aerosols and products containing parabens? Give them a miss. 


Swap chemical-based products with safer (and cuter) alternatives, like my two clean roll-on deodorants (scented and unscented) and my two new clean body washes (also scented and unscented) made with natural ingredients and safe synthetics. 


Ghost your aerosol, tell aluminium to stick it, and shop my aluminium-free clean deodorant now.