Picture this: you’re trying to deal with your pimples by adding products to your routine that help with pimples. 


But then you notice that rather than making your skin clearer, your pimple problem is only getting worse. You’re also redder, oilier, and more congested than before. What the hell has happened?

Your skin barrier is probably impaired. 

Symptoms of a damaged skin barrier.

So, how do you know if your skin barrier is damaged? It will feel extra sensitive. Even to things like water. 

Your face feels fragile and you might experience rosacea or eczema flare ups. 

Your skin feels irritated, inflamed, dry, depleted, and bleugh. That’s the medical term. You might notice delayed wound healing, which looks like the pimple you picked at a week ago is still red and shiny. 

Uneven texture, hyperpigmentation, and increased oiliness and breakouts are also symptoms. Basically it’s your skin in crisis mode, letting you know it’s not happy. 

Causes of a compromised skin barrier.

We all get excited by skincare. But sometimes that results in over-using active products and our skin decides it’s a bit too much. Think resurfacing serums, retinol, skin treatments, and harsh products for pimples.

What else can compromise your skin barrier?

  • Exfoliating too hard or too long
  • Sun damage (not wearing SPF)
  • Pollution, wind, and smoking
  • Introducing too many new products at once
  • Stress and diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Using products that strip your skin

Tips to repair and rebalance your microbiome.

Firstly, stop using all exfoliating products both chemical and physical, as well as active ingredients.

Go back to basics. A gentle cleanser and a gentle moisturiser that will help repair your barrier and lock in the good stuff you’ve lost. 

Acne-prone skin needs moisture. In fact, your skin often overproduces oil when your skin is dry and dehydrated, which leads to what? Pimples. 

My Super Ceramide Night Cream is the soothing, restoring moisturiser you can turn to. Why? Because it has anti-inflammatory ingredients like niacinamide to soothe redness and calm your angry skin.

Ceramides are my hero. These are like building blocks that repair your barrier, so your skin can do a better job at keeping in moisture and keeping out toxins. 

My Super Ceramide Night Cream also feels nice to use. Like a hug for your skin. And when you’ve been irritated, inflamed, and sensitive, you know how important it is to use products that feel good. Instantly. 

Use me as an emergency balm to swoop in and fix irritation. I’m a superhero, it’s in the name.

Last but not least, give it time. It takes at least a month to repair your skin barrier (longer than some flings, I know).

Want to keep your skincare simple? Here’s the routine you need.