Creating unique fresh content is time consuming. But it's worth it.

Creating unique fresh content is time consuming. But it's worth it.

I spent some time with not one, but two babes. Twins to be precise. Danielle and Nicole are the stylish sisters behind When Words FailWe scrubbed, sure. But we also discussed what it’s like growing up and working with your twin sister. #letsbefrank, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Danielle: What day is it? and what do I have on today?
Nicole: How much I hate my alarm…

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Danielle: Get up and shower.
Nicole: I usually make a green tea and shower.

How was growing up as twins?

Danielle: It was fun to trick people by swapping classes at school. We got a lot of attention with people trying to tell us apart all of the time.
Nicole: It was fun! Its like having a best friend around all the time… We were very cheeky growing up.

You say you fight a lot. Over what types of things?

Danielle: Who gets to wear what clothes first and which picture we are going to pick to put on Instagram haha.
Nicole: Mostly about clothes, but also we fight about driving, we both hate it! So we have to work out who drives there and who drives back.

You’re both vegetarian. How long for? And can you share with my babes how that makes you feel / how it came to be and some suggestions for other vegetarians who find it somewhat challenging when dining out?

Danielle: Since we could always remember our mum would make home made burgers and we would always pick the beef off and just eat the bread and salad. Then our mum would try and hide strips of steak in our stir fry’s but we still would find it and pick it out and leave it to the side of our dish. Our bodies aren’t used to us eating meat, so we don’t. We find it easy to eat out, as most restaurant cater for vegetarians or we would just ask for a dish without the meat added in. We struggled a bit more however when we went to Japan a few years ago and very little was in English…
Nicole: We have both been vegatarians basically our whole lives, we have never liked the thought of eating animals. To be honest, its easy! There are so many varieties of dishes that we can cook for lunch/dinner etc. Most restaurants have a vegetarian option and if they don’t I usually ask if they can do a dish they already have, minus the meat or seafood. I feel amazing being a vegetarian, it forces me to eat healthy.

You both love fashion and style, yet have quite distinguishably different taste. Do you find you influence each other? Or?

Danielle: I would say we are more influenced by other people than we are each other. We get very inspired by the internet and what you can find on there. All things from the latest celebrity styles, to our favourite fashion bloggers.
Nicole: Yes we do have different styles, but both love similar things! I would say I’m more laid back than Danielle in style – I influenced her to start wearing converse!

How do you pick as a team which brands you work with?

Danielle: We always go with what suits our aesthetic of our blog. Sometimes we agree to disagree but most of the time we are pretty alike in choosing who we want to work with.
Nicole: We both have similar taste in brands and we both know straight away whether it will work on the blog or not.

Do you separate the business into parts? Or do you both like helping each other?

Danielle: We both run our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages equally but Nicole does the emails and a lot of our blog text and I do the photo editing and blog uploads.
Nicole: We both help each other on the social media side of things, however Danielle is a computer freak! She knows how to do crazy editing things and set up the website… I prefer to stick to emails and writing the blog posts.

What made you two decide to start When Words Fail? A lot of babes would be quite scared to take the plunge.

Danielle: We were a bit nervous to ‘take the plunge’ but ever since we were little we would always be dressing each other up in different outfits and parading them down the hallway of our house, making little videos and taking photos of each other. We actually got ‘The Biggest Posers’ award at our formal so I guess we kind of always knew we would want a business within fashion, photography etc.
Nicole: We were always told by friends that we need to get into the fashion industry as we have always had an eye for style. When we discovered “blogging” was an actual thing we started to research other bloggers and thought to ourselves that we could start something! It took off quite quickly from there.

Hardest thing you find having your own blog, whilst working other jobs?

Danielle: Creating unique fresh content is time consuming. We like to post 1-3 photos a day so thats a lot of shooting! I am very lucky that I work with my Fiancé’s sisters’ business, so whenever I need time off she is very flexible.
Nicole: Its extremely tiring but I love being busy! At the moment I work for Virgin Australia, so I get us great flight discounts which gives us more opportunities to travel with our blog. I’ll generally work there in the morning then do emails and shoot in the afternoons. Time management is important!

Danielle, what is Nicole’s most loveable personality trait?

Although she can be a brat at times (haha) she is very thoughtful and caring, not just towards me but others, too.

And Nicole, what’s the one thing Danielle does that you just couldn’t?

Photoshop photos! Danielle will sit there for hours on the computer editing the colouring etc and going through each shot we’ve taken. I’m way too impatient and fidgety to do that.

What do your beauty regimes look like?

Danielle: I like to keep things simple with my skin. I find if I do too much my skin breaks out. I cleanse and moisturise everyday and put rose hip oil on at night.
Nicole: I cleanse and moisturise morning and night. Sometimes I’ll lather my skin in coconut oil.

I’m made up of all natural, nourishing ingredients. How important are the ingredients to you in a product?

Danielle: Very! I like to use only natural, chemical free products on my skin. Like I said, I keep things simple.
Nicole: Extremely! Products with too much in them irritate my skin. Natural ingredients are best, which is why you guys are great!

And lastly, who should I dirty talk / get down and dirty with next?

Danielle: Our friend Ally from ‘Substance blog’ – she is a BABE!
Nicole: Alex Cuthill – she’s a natural beauty.

xx frank

Creating unique fresh content is time consuming. But it's worth it.