Oh, please disturb.

Oh, please disturb.

Lust leaves you wanting, but curiosity keeps things interesting. We’ve seen quite a bit of each other but that doesn’t stop me wanting to give you the best time I can. #letsbefrank. To give my babes the best, I knew I had to show you what you meant to me. That’s exactly why I created Hotel Pink – a frank loyalty program that’s anything but transactional. Here’s how it works:


I live on the line.

Hotel Pink is all digital. Think of it as a virtual world that impacts the real one. When you sign up (for free) your personal account gives you access to discounts, holidays, flash offer sales, the chance to test out all my new products and more. Like a hotel, it’s made up of four levels (The Lobby, The Pool Deck, The Junior Suite, and The Penthouse. You start at the bottom but the more you spend, refer and give back, the more you’re rewarded. Work your way through my levels and reap the benefits. Trust me, they’re all the more sweeter at the top.


I’m free.

I cost nothing. No strings attached. Yes, I am perfect. And I am only available online through my home: frankbody.com


Check in to check out.

It’s not every day you book into a hotel just to check out of it but I like to do different, differently. Look me up, fill your cart and earn points. The more you earn, the more you get. Refer your babes who you haven’t introduced me to yet to make your way to The Penthouse. That’s where you can unlock my new product development program to sample all my new products. When you don’t visit me *sad face* you risk being downgraded a level which is bad. You want to climb the ladder and shake your booty at the top for all to see.


I take care of you.

I like to check in. Sometimes it’s through the screen and sometimes it’s on planes on our way to Hawaii. Get to see what other babes don’t by simply typing in your email address, unlike other people that rhyme with…Huckaberg, I don’t share your data, just your shelf space. If you give a FAQ about anything else, I do too, here.

I also come with a list of term’s and conditions because, who doesn’t.

Check me out babe, you know you wanna.

frank, x

Oh, please disturb.