Can you use a face oil if you have oily skin? Does a face oil cause breakouts? Should I redownload my dating apps? What is the truth? Step into my office, babe. I’ll have oil your questions answered. 

Let’s bust some myths. 

Myth: You can’t use a face oil if you have oily skin.
Reality: Face oils can actually help regulate your skin’s natural oils. So, in some truly mystifying mathematics, oily skin + more oil = less oil thanks to my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil’s skin balancing skills. 

Myth: Using a face oil will cause makeup to slide off.
Reality: Whilst that’s a very funny image, my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil actually helps create a smooth, even base for makeup, and helps it stay in place without sliding or greasiness. 

Myth: A face oil will make my skin shiny and greasy.
Reality: Some face oils can leave you looking and feeling like an oil slick, but my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly, leaving no oily residue. You’re welcome. 

Myth: Using a face oil will cause breakouts. 
Reality: The opposite, actually. My Super Ceramide Barrier Oil is packed with stuff that nourishes, hydrates, and protects your skin. And when skin is properly hydrated, it produces less oil, which means fewer breakouts. Ta-da! 

Myth: Face oils are expensive and not worth the investment.
Reality: My Super Ceramide Barrier Oil is as friendly for your wallet as it is for your cute face at just $30.

Myth: Face oils can replace moisturiser.
Reality: Consider my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil like a wingman for the rest of your skincare. It partners with your current products to help your skin stay juicy and glowy. 

Myth: My skin barrier is tough and doesn’t need help to stay healthy. 
Reality: Your skin barrier is more delicate than a Bachelor contestant’s feelings. Environmental stressors, harsh skincare products, and your lifestyle can all damage your skin barrier, leading to irritation, dryness, breakouts, and other skin tantrums.  

Myth: A face oil is difficult to fit into an existing skincare routine. 
Reality: It’s easier than Ariana hitting a high note. Cleanse, serums, ceramide oil, moisturiser, glow. Done. Sorted. Gorg. 

Myth: Stressed skin needs lots of attention and products.
Reality: When skin is stressed, do less. Use my oil that does it all. 

The truth: My Super Ceramide Barrier Oil is nourishing, hydrating, and exactly what your skin barrier is begging for. Easy to use, easy to fit into your existing routine, and easy to love; oil be there for you (and your barrier).