Toxins, just like toxic people, like to hang out together.

Toxins, just like toxic people, like to hang out together.

Toxic people – just like toxins – like to hang out together. Their favourite place besides your head space? Your bathroom. It’s time to replace them with something that works just as well, but doesn’t make you feel like shit afterwards. I’m talking natural ingredients: ones free from synthetic chemicals made by some man in a lab. Sound like your ex boyfriend? They’re pretty similar. They like dark places with a lack of oxygen.

Dirty Ingredient: SLS, also known as sodium lauryl sulfate.

What is it: A man-made soap packed with chemicals that some people reckon can cause your hormones to go all crazy.

You can find it in: Face wash.

Swap it for: Charcoal-based alternatives to detoxify skin. You can find charcoal in my Creamy Face Cleanser.

Dirty Ingredient: Parabens

What is it: Parabens are a chemical preservative to prevent bacteria. Some scientists reckon they’re linked to the ‘c’ word, too. But let’s not go there…

You can find it in: Face moisturiser.

Swap it for: Coconut oil. It’s hydrating and smells delicious. You can find it in my Coconut Body Balm, Coconut Coffee Scrub and Everyday Face Moisturiser. I like coconuts just as much as you do.

Dirty Ingredient: Animal musk.

What is it: Oils and musks from all your favourite furry creatures.

You can find it in: Perfume.

Swap it for: Natural essential oils like sandalwood. Or rub yourself in coffee. It works for me.

Dirty Ingredient: Formaldehyde.

What is it: A chemical used in building materials.

You can find it in: Nail polish.

Swap it for: Nail polishes that say they’re 5-Free. That means they’re free from dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and formaldehyde resin. Or 7-Free which is that same long list with ethyl tosylamide and xylene tacked onto the end.

Side note: You’re probably thinking woah, woah, woah. We need to care about nail polish, too? You do, babe. Celia Cecchi from I Scream Nails says your nails absorb things, too. Just like your skin. That’s why they’re 5-Free, too.

“This is definitely the better choice for you and your nails. And OMG the 5 free formula we use is incredible quality! Using the I Scream Nails formula since it was developed and launched in 2014, my nails are always stain free, strong and healthy – no matter how many times I paint my nails and remove to repaint!!”

Dirty Ingredient: Ex boyfriend.

What is it: A human that does not deserve your attention.

You can find it in: Places no reasonable babe should wander.

Swap it for: me. My all vegan, all natural coffee body scrubs will rub you up the right way.

There you have it, babe. I can proudly say that none of these ingredients are in me.

This is your moment, babe. It’s time de-friend toxic products and toxic people. I’ll be right by your side.

x frank.

Toxins, just like toxic people, like to hang out together.