Scrub stripes on. Tops off. Pom poms out. It’s time to scrub off.

Scrub stripes on. Tops off. Pom poms out. It’s time to scrub off.

I love a bit of healthy competition. Particularly when it’s around your love for me.

Call it the Olympics, call it selfish, call it narcissistic… or call it a Scrub Off. Because that’s what I called it.

I want to know which scrub crew cheers the loudest and scrubs the proudest.

The prize? A year’s worth of ME. Cue glitter bombs exploding and hysterical women screaming. As you can see, I’m it’s a kind of a big deal.

So how do you participate in the great scrub off?

First, choose your scrub crew.

In one bathroom corner we have the OG Crew #teamoriginal. The first babes in the bathroom who assert prime shower position. They drink their coffee black and wish death to decaf. Not into cloning or sequels, because #letsbefrank the original is always the best. Secret weapon? Jaffas. Ouch.

In the opposite corner is the Coco-Loco Crew #teamcoconut. Their motto? Less is more. They like to get their coconuts out and wave them all about. And they don’t mind sand in their pants, because #letsbefrank they’re not wearing any.

Sitting on the vanity are the Fresh Feels #teampeppermint. They’re in the pretzel position and don’t mind a good public yoga bind with friends. They’re constantly touching themselves (and others) and like things that make them tingle. Like sour lollies. And muscle relaxant gel. Where either of those go is up to them.

Lurking underneath a mountain of wrappers are the Badass Brownies #teamcacao. Constantly wide-eyed and jittery, they’re either on a sugar high or a sugar low. They eat chocolate for breakfast and my Lip Duo for dinner. Can be found eating in the shower. Because #letsbefrank, cacao is good in your bod – and on your bod. Or so they keep telling me (and I later wrote an article about).

Now you’ve picked which side of the bathroom you’re on, it’s time to start the Scrub Off.

Step One: Get naked.

Step Two: Tear the top off your favourite scrub.

Step Three: Get dirty.

Step Four: Take a selfie.

Step Five: Upload the photo to Instagram, tag @frank_bod, your team’s # and tell me why you love your crew.

Step Six: Get matching tattoos. Because:#scrublyfe.

Squads start your scrubbing.

May the best babes win  get a year’s supply of me. (My legal department says we can’t use that word).

xx frank

*My mummas will choose one babe from each team to get a year’s supply of me. What are they looking for? The most creative frankfurt photos. Good luck, babe.

Scrub stripes on. Tops off. Pom poms out. It’s time to scrub off.