Not knowing your skin type is just like taking your vegan friend out for a steak. It just doesn’t work.

Not knowing your skin type is just like taking your vegan friend out for a steak. It just doesn’t work.

Skin types are like humans.

Each has its own unique personality.

There’s the:

The Straighty-180: your skin knows what it’s about and has a strong sense of self. In other words, it’s normal.

The Flake: it likes to bail on your makeup – and moisture. It’s definitely dry.

The Wannabe Mermaid: it’s as oily as a bag of fries on the beach.

The Scatter Brain: it’s all over the shop. One moment, it’s dry the next it’s oily. You’ve got combination skin, beb.

Not knowing your skin type is like taking your vegan friend out for steak night. It upsets her.

So this is how you find out which skin type you have.

Step 1: Wash your face.

Take off the day’s makeup, dirt and grime. Go au naturel, just the way I like you.

Step 2: Dance.

Or do something entertaining for two hours to let your skin settle into its natural state.

Step 3: Take a good look at yourself.

Wow, aren’t you a fine babe. Take a closer look at your face, what do you see? How does it feel?

Choose from one of the answers below:

“Damn, I look good.”

Your skin isn’t oily, it isn’t dry. Your pores look fine and your skin doesn’t feel tight.

You need: To take a bow. Your skin is what every babe wants. It’s pretty simple to take care of, but you should watch out for things such as sunspots, the occasional breakout and blackheads. Pop on some sunscreen, exfoliate regularly and eat foods that love your skin from the inside – out. Look after it and your skin will stay that way.

“I feel tighter than Spanx after dining at an all you can eat restaurant.”

Oh, you’re a dry one. Drier than the Sahara, drier than last week’s donut. I feel ya.

You need: To be careful with exfoliating. Harsh exfoliators can strip your skin, so I recommend a gentle exfoliator that loves your skin, too. Back it up with a hydrating face mask that gives rather than takes. My Glow Mask is full of natural oils and butters that sink in deep to nourish & repair.

“I feel as greasy as that leftover hash brown at 5am.”

You’re as slick as a one night stand – and unlike that hash brown, your skin deserves attention. Oily skin is actually dehydrated and can make you more prone to breakouts. So it needs a lot of love to keep your skin dewy, not distressed.

You need: Start on the inside, with water and eating foods that keep you hydrated such as cucumber or watermelon. On the outside, use natural ingredients that are lightweight such as sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut oil. They nourish and repair your skin so it won’t overproduce oil and make you greasy.

“I feel like I am having an identity crisis.”

You’ve got combination skin, babe. It’s neither here, nor there. Don’t call the psychologist, call  on me.

You need: Natural oils are your new best friend: they love the dry bits and are light enough not to disrupt the oily bits. Look for rosehip, jojoba or sweet almond oils. They’re full of fatty acids which feed your skin and protects it from the world around you, so your skin can feel more like itself. Happy, babe.

If in doubt, call on me. I do all of the above with my Sweet Cheeks skincare kit. Unlike other men, I like to multitask. Wink.

x frank.

Not knowing your skin type is just like taking your vegan friend out for a steak. It just doesn’t work.