Men should spend more time using @frank_bod because #realmenscrub and less time wolf whistling at women as they walk by.

Men should spend more time using @frank_bod because #realmenscrub and less time wolf whistling at women as they walk by.

I’ve spent my fair share of time on Nat Roser’s bod, and #letsbefrank her beau Dan Adair is fine with it. That’s because he’s a fan of #thefrankeffect, too. They train together, hang together and scrub together because they know that #couplesthatscrubtogetherstaytogether. I can’t wait to see this pair wed.

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Nat: ‘Where is Dan?’ (Usually in a panic, which is strange because he gets up well before me every day!)
Dan: OMG I’m hungry!

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

Nat: Check my Instagram for weirdo comments that came through over night
Dan: Eat haha

What’s on your breakfast plate?

Nat: I either have avocado on rye toast or a banana and blueberry smoothie! Sometimes both…
Dan: As I get up at 5am everyday, I whip up a smoothie. Then have a proper breakfast later on. Generally eggs, avo, spinach and rye bread.

And your ultimate cheat food?

Nat: Messina ice-cream.
Dan: Any form of pizza or burger.

You have the day off together. Where will we find you?

Nat: On the beach, at one of our favourite restaurants or at the movies.

You recently got engaged overseas. Dan, did you catch her by surprise?

Dan: Big time! After 20 minutes the tears stopped and I had to re ask as she didn’t actually answer!

Dan, you have your own personal training business all while being an incredible photographer.
How do you balance your time?

With great difficulty! My training business is always my priority. The photography is more of a hobby which I’m sometimes lucky enough to get paid for. I’d say 99% of my images have been of Natalie.

Which do you find more challenging?

Photography for sure! I’m a rookie. I’ve been a trainer for 10 years now.

Your ideal person to photograph?

Besides Nat obviously 😉 – Any and all of the Victoria Secret Angels would be fine by me.

And if you could train one person (aim high), who would it be?

Hmmmm, I know who I’d choose to train WITH. But Michael Jordan in 1996 would be a dream come true.

#letsbefrank, Nat’s body is incredible. Can you tell my babes how they can achieve this?
3 top tips for maintaining a healthy figure?

  1. Diet by FAR is the most important tip. That old saying “You can’t out train a bad diet” is spot on.
  2. Resistance training. Done right it gives your body strength and shape. Something that cardio alone won’t.
  3. Stay hydrated!

3 things your body has zero dietary requirement for are:

  1. Sugar
  2. Alcohol
  3. Caffeine (except you, frank)

Avoid all three, eat plenty of greens, lift weights, and watch the magic happen!

Nat, your boyfriend is your personal trainer. This is a lot of babes worst nightmare.
Tell me how you feel about this? Does it make you nervous?

Dan made me feel really nervous right from the beginning when we first met. But I don’t think that was just because he was my new personal trainer. Once the initial school girl crush was controllable, I was more nervous that I wouldn’t impress him or that he wouldn’t be proud of my achievements. This now is actually one of my main forms of motivation to train hard. So him being my PT works really well for me.

Your training is really important to you and your career as a model. How do you deal with body image pressures that are put on you?

I have learnt to train for myself and not for other people. I train at a level I feel comfortable and achieve body goals that I want to achieve. I’ve had suggestions from people that my legs are too muscular, so that is something I am aware of but I would never let that impact the amount of training I do. I want to be strong, so if my legs look too muscular for some clients that’s a price I’m willing to pay because I am proud of my body.

What do you feel most comfortable behind the camera in?

A bikini shoot has kind of become second nature to me, but I would feel most comfortable in dressing gown and pj’s! (If I was being photographed or not!)

You have done a lot of photography yourself. Do you think that makes modelling easier for you?

Absolutely. Modelling is a job and you need to have a bit of an understanding about how everyone else’s jobs work to really be a successful team and create successful images. Being able to understand lighting set ups and realising the importance of a good lighting set up has helped me create some beautiful images with some amazing photographers and clients.

In the modelling industry, your beauty routine is especially important. What does yours look like?

Washing my face morning and night, exfoliating with my face scrub three times a week. I also use baby wipes to remove my makeup before I wash my face at night because sometimes a face wash doesn’t get it all off. Then I moisturise, and use an eye cream and thickener, and a night time moisturiser once a week as a sort of treatment.
With my hair I’m just lucky that it’s pretty tough, so I just try to keep washing to a minimum to keep its natural oils.

Any ingredients you particularly look for?

I love coconut oil for my skin! Or any natural moisturisers like jojoba.

One absolute no no when it comes to your skin?

Sun burrnnnnnn. It’s the worst!

Lastly, one thing each of you have to say to the opposite sex? Something they should do more of? And less of?

Nat: Men should spend more time using @frank_bod because #realmenscrub and less time wolf whistling at women as they walk by.

And who should frank get down and dirty with next?

Madeline Yoy Relph #girlcrush

xx frank


Men should spend more time using @frank_bod because #realmenscrub and less time wolf whistling at women as they walk by.