Buttery, soft skin? Yes, please.

I’ve always liked grapes. They conjure up thoughts of half-naked babes fanning me with palm leaves and feeding me. And wine. Wine is delicious.

Back on topic. Grapes, or more specifically, grape seed oil. You may have noticed it features in my limited edition grape seed and coconut scrub. And by may have, I mean, must have, if you bothered to read the label.

So let’s chat about why I’ve decided to get down and dirty with you, and brought a whole bunch of grapes to the party.

Extracted from the seeds of grapes, and typically discarded during the wine making process (fools), this antioxidant powerhouse has found a cohort of babe’n fans.

Buttery, soft skin? Yes, please. Thanks to it’s emollient, moisturising properties and the fact that it’s easily absorbed by the skin, grape seed oil is an obvious choice for natural moisture.

The Linoleic acid found in grape seed oil soothes and nourishes skin which can help fight the signs of ageing.

So there you go babes, grapes: good for your skin, and turning your lips a delightful shade of purple.

frank xx