Inclusion for all.

Inclusion for all.

A few weeks ago, I asked my frankfurts a question: tell me a message worth sharing. After thousands of submissions, my we found a winner. Meet Fallon. My babes sat down with her to find out about the babe behind the words.

Fallon, thank you so much for entering this competition, we loved your response. Can you tell our frankfurts, what’s a message you you think is worth sharing?  

Inclusion for all. As a proud Indigenous Australian woman, growing up in Australian society was tiring emotionally, mentally and physically..tiring which to this day, continues. Breaking down the negative stereotypes that are placed not only on ourselves but also projected onto our non-indigenous peers is a struggle as we haven’t always been the definition of beauty given our colonial history.

Yet we find beauty within ourselves, mentally guided by the strong indigenous women that have raised and come before us. I remember specifically the first time i felt Physically included amongst my high school peers, it was when Samantha Harris graced the cover of Girlfriend Magazine in 2006 as the first indigenous girl to do so. Having similar features such as our full lips and tanned skin, immediately I felt a sense of self worth.

Representation is everything to our young women, men and trans. A sense of belonging, connection and inclusion speaks volumes for those who still feel emotionally caged in our society. Trust me, i know..


Why did you choose to enter and what does this mean to you?

I wanted to help other people realise there’s a whole other world than to what some are living.

With this opportunity I hope to spread insight, I hope to spread education to all women and walks of life that they are beautiful, that their voice matters and that we should show the same kindness to all and to judge people as one thing. I am a an Indigenous woman, a Mother, an Australian woman, so many different walks of life and people have influenced the person I am today, I am not one dimensional. Through understanding others and including everyone, we can be better people. So with this I hope to bring insight, education and awareness  – especially and cultural understanding and sensitivity

 In your own words, what’s inclusion?

It’s everybody. We are all one body of people, one species. People put so much pressure on what differentiates us from each other, there is a constant division between who we are but it’s unnecessary. Inclusion for me means accepting everyone regardless of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation.. whatever you identify with. We should all feel needed and wanted because at the end of the day, we’re all the same.

How did you feel when you found out you won?

So I was sitting at home, a few weeks later and for some reason I check my email and see my acceptance into this contest that I totally forgot I entered. When I saw the email that I won, I was in shock. For the first time, I felt nervous about something, but it was good nerves. I had made an impact and my message was people who have loved what I said and what happens in such a short time, you never think that things happen like this but when you get opportunities like this you have to run with it. Life’s too short to overthink everything. I felt that I was accepted and they loved that message and why not share that with everyone! It’s been a lot of fun and it was exciting and nerve wracking and everything. I’m just excited for today and the shoot and what’s to come! Anything could happen!

What advice do you have for other babes who aren’t feeling included?

To take a break from things, especially social media. Spend time doing things for yourself that make you happy and remind yourself that the negativity of other people and situations aren’t a reflection of all people or you. Spend time doing things for yourself and take as much time as you need for yourself.

What’s a message that you want people to keep sharing?

Be kind to one another. Take into consideration other people’s feelings. We all go through things in  our life, some are expected, some aren’t. Have that sensitivity to go out of your way to understand where someone else is coming from. We all come from different walks of life, so just take into consideration what other people are feeling and what they could be going through in their life because no one has a perfect life.