Your butt is your business.

Your butt is your business.

Underwear is a friend of mine, but a friend I don’t like to see too often. #letsbefrank.

So when I met Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper, the two babes behind US lingerie brand Negative Underwear, I wondered if we’d have a lot in common. It turns out we both have a thing for babes, butts and boobies.

So let’s just say it went well…

Hey ladies. As you know, I think babes look best with nothing on, so can you help me understand why babes need to wear underwear?

Marissa: It’s a good point. Honestly we’d agree that babes look best without much on; less is more is our mantra, after all. That said, since most of us do need to wear clothes for daily life, it’s a lot nicer to have comfortable, minimal, beautiful underwear underneath. Trust me, we’ve actually tried going commando and it’s nowhere near as nice as being fully naked.

OK, I get it. So how is your underwear different to other brands out there?

Lauren: We find most brands are the opposite of what you’d want on your bare bod: fussy, itchy, frilly, rigid. We designed Negative to be luxurious and minimal; as close to a second skin as possible. We hand-picked our materials from the best of the best in Belgium, France and Japan to create the most comfortable, functional and beautiful pieces. Pieces you can wear every day for a price far below luxury.

There are a whole range of butts out there, all of which I adore. How do you find the right brief for your butt?

Marissa: There’s no “right” answer here because your butt is your business and what’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, especially what you’re wearing to cover your most precious bits. Some of us prefer thongs or cheeky styles to show off the goods, while others want something more full coverage, leaving more to the imagination. What matters most is that nothing is digging or drooping. Good underwear shouldn’t require much adjustment throughout the day.

And how about those boob-pushing-up devices? How do babes find the right fit there?

Lauren: As with underwear, the best bra is one that you feel good in, which can mean different things to different babes.

But in terms of a few general “good fit tips”…

  • The underwire should cover your full breast and shouldn’t dig into any soft tissue (aka it’s too small) or dig up into your armpit (aka it’s too big).
  • The “centre gore” is that little piece that connects the two cups and it should lay flat against your chest without buckling or pulling.
  • The underband should fit snug around your ribs and lay low and flat across your back. Your straps should sit nicely on your shoulders without slipping or digging. One of the most common fit issues we see is a band that rides up and straps that dig in. This usually means you should try going down a band size and up a cup size.

And finally, if you could scrub with anyone who would it be with and why?

Marissa: When you’re married there’s only one acceptable answer here 🙂 But I do love a good spa scrub.

Lauren: My hubby. I take a shower with him every chance I get. He can exfoliate those hard to reach places 🙂

Amen to that. And to freebies.

On that, Lauren and Marissa are giving away 6 sets of Negative Underwear for you and your best babe.

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#letsbefrank, there ain’t anything negative about that.

x frank

Your butt is your business.