Wham, bam, thank you… er, man.

They say the way you start your morning determines the rest of your day.

So, if you want to stroll down the street glowing like a mythical unicorn, listen up.

This is how you get your morning cardio, glowing cheeks and tousled hair in a matter of minutes.

Put down your granola, babe; it’s time to get busy.

Step 1: Wake up.

Seems easy enough. And my gosh, don’t you look beautiful. It’s like an angel has landed on my bamboo cotton sheets. Lucky me.

Step 2: Roll over and lock onto your target.

Move your pillow empire to the side and roll over to face me (and my new morning Glow Mask). Gently nudge (or accidentally kick) me to softly wake me to this momentous occasion. But #letsbefrank, I’m loaded with coffee, so I haven’t slept anyway. I’m just pretending. Wink.

Step 3: Engage with some foreplay.

For your skin, this comes in the form of my Creamy Face Cleanser. Massage me around your face to arouse your pores with cleanliness. I’ll even feed you marshmallows (actually, marshmallow root). It’s just like being served fondue, for your face.

Step 4: Get busy.

Now your face is feeling all frisky, it’s time to satisfy it. This is where my new morning Glow Mask comes in. Pop a thick layer over your face and neck. Natural ingredients like coffee seed oil and goji berries will get you going. I mean, glowing.

Step 5: Give yourself 5 minutes to reach climax.

Now let’s increase that heart rate: you have 5 minutes to belt out some star jumps, burpees or a run around the block. Then rinse.

The result? Glowing skin, wind-swept hair and your morning cardio – complete.

Step 6: Use protection.

I’m talking about sunscreen, babe. Make sure you finish with that alongside my Everyday Face Moisturiser.

There you have it: mind-blowing skin in a matter of minutes.

Just don’t forget to share your ‘O’ face on social.

x frank.