Why you need my Perky Sculpting Body Hydrator:

Feeling flat? It happens to the best of us, babe. Sometimes our skin (and our mood) can have a bad day. The good news? I can help with both. I’m known to cheer babes up at any time of day (or night #letsbefrank).

Cue: the pick-me-up your skin has been waiting for. 

Perky Body Hydrator is my fast-absorbing body moisturiser that’s packed with caffeine to firm, super berry acai to boost, shea butter to hydrate, and longan seed extract to sculpt. I’m best known for giving skin all over hydration (especially after your exfoliation routine).

And I smell like vanilla frosting. Meaning, you will too. Hence why I’m your go-to morning moisturiser. 


Why you need my Booty Drops:

As if I needed another reason to drop it like it’s hot, babe. Booty drops are like liquid gold for your tush. Or an energy drink for your skin. I’m made with firming caffeine, hydrating carrot root extract, grapeseed and jojoba oils to soften skin and antioxidant-rich guarana to perk up your favourite ass-et.

I’m potent and powerful, just like you. 

Pro tip: mix with Perky Hydrator for double the firming-effect and double the moisture.


Why you need my Glide ‘n’ Go: Body Oil Stick:

Wherever you go, I’ll follow with my Glide ‘n’ Go Oil Stick. 

Because #letsbefrank, life can be a messy balance – and you’re carrying enough as it is. School, work, bad-dates and big workouts, the last thing you need is a bulky moisturiser taking up your bag. That’s why my Glide ‘n’ Go stick is compact to fit anywhere, in any bag. And did I mention no leakage? Amazing, right?

I’m packed with avocado oil, rosehip oil, Davidson Plum, guarana and shea butter, and I’m perfect for babes that need a lick of moisture, but don’t have time to stop and drop everything to get it. 

I told you, babe. Smooth skin awaits if you stick with me.

Simply pop my top off, glide me on where you need, and go.


Why you need my Smoothing AHA Body Lotion:

We’re cutting out the middle man: dry skin. And bringing in the big guns: me.

My Smoothing AHA Body Lotion is your mess-free, chemical body exfoliant that works its magic overnight. Think of it like my Brightening Vitamin C Mask, but for your whole body.

Apply me in the PM for best results. I’m made with lactic and glycolic acids to gobble up dead skin, help clear body breakouts and hydrate at the same time. Together with hydrating oils and deeply nourishing mango seed butter, I’m a lightweight and non-sticky body lotion that lets you wake up with smooth skin.

All my moisturisers work differently (and together) to bring you supple smooth skin all day, and all night.

So strip and let’s get to work, babe.  

frank xx