Where my gamer girls at?

Whether you’re a Twitch streamer pro or simply redownload Sims 2 once a year, I’ve got a self-care regime for all my gamer girls.


Be a multitasking mega babe and mask while you game. Choose your fighter:

The C Crusher

My Brightening Vitamin C Mask munches up dead skin cells like Pacman eats pellets. My salicylic acid goes deep to clear out pores while my lactic acid hydrates and plumps for juicy skin throughout a long gaming sesh. It’s a brightening, clearing, smoothing power move all in one.

Relaxation Sensation

My Charcoal Face Mask has soothing chamomile, honey, and lavender to calm and soothe your skin. Get into zen mode even when you’re frustrated by a boss you can’t beat. Clogged pores will be quivering thanks to my clearing charcoal, plus I work wonders on acne and irritation. Chillax with charcoal.

The Glow Machine 

Stayed up all night gaming? Hide the side effects with my Glow Mask. I’m packed with antioxidant-rich goji berry extract and deeply hydrating shea and cocoa butter. Depuff with coffee seed oil to gain an extra life for your tired skin.

Getting Rid of Gamer Glam 

If you’ve beat your face into the perfect gamer glam complete with flawless foundation, lashes, contouring, and eye makeup that makes anyone jealous, it can be sad to take it off. But when you do, you want to get rid of all of it.  

Use a gentle cleanser to take off heavy makeup. My Gentle Cleansing Oil is made with grapeseed and coffee oils to melt makeup (and hearts) while plumping your skin. Oil attracts oil which is why I’m so great at breaking down dirt, makeup, and attempts at Euphoria style eyeliner. 

Double points for double cleansing

Once your makeup is off, your second cleanse can really reach your skin for maximum benefit. 

My Charcoal Face Cleanser is a gentle and vegan daily cleanser made with activated charcoal to remove acne-causing impurities. Coffee seed extract is there to wake you up and marshmallow root calms redness. I’ll leave you feeling cleansed and nourished, ready to take on the next level. 

Put down the controller for just a second and do your self-care while you game. 

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