I like to call it inside out beauty.

As an all-natural guy I want my babes to eat (and drink) naturally. #letsbefrank

But like a lot of things this can be hard. Especially knowing where to start.

To help I’ve put together a list of some natural products that will benefit all the different parts of your beautiful body. Containing so many powerful antioxidants, natural oils, and vitamins you’ll be sure to see the effects not just on your skin but what’s also going on within.

For soft and supple skin?

Other than getting dirty and scrubbing with me – berries work on giving you a super fresh complexion: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… they’re all full of antioxidants and vitamin C to give you radiant and smoother skin, a strong immune system, and they also help to reduce fine lines. This sounds berry good to me, babe.

Avocados and fish are also a great pair, containing the good type of fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and natural oils – no nasties. They are a natural moisturiser for your skin, keeping it supple and nourished. Yes please.

For the sparkle in your eyes?

Carrots- these orange coloured vegetables are the ideal source of vitamin A, helping to improve eyesight and protect your vision. You want to keep spotting man-babes from a mile away after all. Don’t you?

For luscious locks?

Lentils and kidney beans- these pulses are the perfect source of protein, zinc, and iron. They encourage hair growth and the strengthening of your locks. Sorry Rapunzel, your secret is out.

For strong and sturdy nails?

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, promoting healthy nail growth. They’re also the best things to eat in bed- after pancakes that is.

For your insides?

Let’s turn to the most natural of them all – water. It’s not just ideal to shower in. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses a day to help prevent dehydrated and dry skin.

The cucumber is made up mostly of water and helps to hydrate and replenish all over. So chomp on and be cool as a… you know what.

That’s it, babes. Try and introduce these foods into your life to work alongside your skincare regime. Don’t expect overnight success though. Like all good things – these things take time.

Do you have any other favourite foods that are good for your skin? Tell me on social @frank_bod.

xx frank.

Pictures via: @lonijane and @wolfcubwolfcub

I like to call it inside out beauty.