When it comes to Ariana, I like her a Grande.

Listen up gentlemen.

If you want to get into Ariana Grande’s good books (and shower) you need to be these four things. She loves me for them, so if you can do them, she will love you, too.


She loves that my coffee body scrubs are vegan. She’s into bunnies, just as much as I am. So I recommend sending her photos of you cuddling bunnies and saving dolphins. #justsaying

Smell delicious.

Armani. Dolce. Coconuts. Whatever your scent is, make it delicious and edible. My coffee body scrubs come in coconut, orange, chocolate cake and peppermint. So skip the chemist, just pop down your nearest supermarket and the babes will come a running.

Have a soft side.

My coffee body scrubs are tough, yet gentle. They buff away dead, dull skin to make you feel soft & smooth. You can do that, too. Dust off her down days with something fun like a scrub sesh or a picnic. Because every babe likes a tough guy with a soft side, #letsbefrank.

Be something she can’t live without.

Become a part of her routine, babe. Become the thing that makes her feel great, the thing she looks forward to. I see her 2-3 times per week. It’s like a date night for her and her skin. And she always steps out of the shower glowing and smooth.

Not sure what to do next? My guide to kissing will help you continue the love story. Because when you’re dating over 700,000 babes, you need to know what you’re doing. #letsbefrank.

x frank

When it comes to Ariana, I like her a Grande.