Drink a lot of water. Best way to start the day.

Drink a lot of water. Best way to start the day.

She runs one of the biggest and most inspiring gyms in NYC. She loves to challenge herself and be creative with her clients, and is a strong believer that the music you play is the heartbeat to any workout. I asked her about this creativity, and how it plays a part in her own lifestyle and her beauty routine.

Safe to say I was not disappointed with the result. If I had legs, or arms for that matter; I would have my membership signed, sealed and delivered at AKT.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?


f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

A: Drink a lot of water. Best way to start the day.

f: You created the iconic fitness brand, AKT. Where did this idea come from?

A: My whole life I have been exposed to a lot of different types of fitness. Whether it was dancing at the age of 15, or working at the reebok foot club later in life – I’ve tried it all.

I started trying out Yoga, Pilates and TRX and got to work on the insanity program with Shaun Tee. From this I learnt the ins and outs of interval training and how incredibly important it is to everyone’s’ fitness regime.

I found that I had to travel the world to teach different types of fitness, and I thought why is no one putting this into one class, all in one place.

I strive to offer a comprehensive workout, something that you don’t have to think about and just have fun with. With this in mind, we do two-week cycles, with 2 different types of exercise in each. It is a constant challenge for your body, working your strength and flexibility.

f: What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome launching your own business?

A: The number of hats you have to wear. You want to be everyone and do everything at once. But you just cant. You need to find a way to balance, and prioritise. I love to be creative, and work with people to help them change. But I also want to work on the business side of things and control the way we are going. This is an area I am not so experienced in, so I guess it was finding people I trust and can rely on to take the mission and direction of the brand on the right path.

Social media has been another spanner thrown in the works – figuring out how to touch people that aren’t right necessarily in front of you. They might be thousands of miles away but still want to be motivated and driven. This is something I applaud you guys for – you inspire me in your social skills. #blush

So I guess the answer to your question is that it has been finding the balance. I have had to somewhat mold my perfectionist ways, and learn to trust and trial things.

f: How do you overcome a client’s initial dislike for working out?

A: It is super different between clients. I am most interested in trying to help them reach their goals, rather than just standing there and barking orders. If you surround yourself by like-minded people, with energy and passion, it drives the entire workout and everyone involved it.

I find the playlist is the heartbeat to your workout, so set this up right and you have a winning strategy. It also helps if you can connect with the people you’re working with; it makes it a more personal and enjoyable experience for all.

f: Half hour workout?

A: It would definitely be interval based. My favourite at the moment is with the entire workout on the treadmill. You are constantly getting on and off it, so you keep your heart rate up. We are actually about to shoot a video for it, so you’ll be able to do the workout anywhere in the world.

f: Most underestimated exercise you can recommend to my frankfurts?


It is super effective, and affects your posture more than you might realise. It warms your body up and sets you up for a successful workout.

f: Post workout beauty regime?

A: It’s really tough when you’re running around all the time, constantly dehydrating yourself. One thing I have started doing more recently, is drinking alkaline water, as it hydrates you 80% more than average water.

I also like to put a hydrating mask on my hair because that helps it from getting too brittle.

I am big on essential oils in my lotion, so peppermint or lavender. I always keep a little vile in my bag with ginger or tea tree in it.

f: Dream person to train with?

A: I certainly met my match when I trained with Kelly Ripa. I don’t think I have ever met anyone that worked as hard, or loved exercise as much as her. She and I were similar, as we like to be creatively stimulated in our work, making everyday and workout different. She’s super knowledgeable and inspirational, just being in a room with her makes everyone happy.

But in saying that, I have been meaning to workout with you, frank.. you’re pretty sexy. #letsbefrank

f: To scrub / dirty talk list?

A: Eric Davis & Rupert Friend.

xx frank

Drink a lot of water. Best way to start the day.