I got dirty talking with a few of my favourite brands: @aeyre_home (AH), @remedydrinks (RD), @livesoulara (LS), @kineuphorics (KE), and @t2tea (T2). They help babes reset their body and mind, to feel good inside & out.


They spilled the dirt (and the tea). Scroll for their feel-good tips, favourite coffee orders and coffee scrubs, plus how to get the most out of their products.


“First things first, what’s your go-to coffee (or tea) order?”


AH: Latte with Macadamia Milk

RD: I am a big fan of a batchy (batch brew) but if that’s not on offer I’m a strong almond milk latte girl. Coffee definitely defines my day. On a good day I only have two cups, on bad days, or the days that my to-do list is longer than my Mecca wish list we’re looking more like 4 or 5 strong cups (WASSUP ANXIIIEETTYYY!). 

LS: An almond milk latte is always a favourite, iced in the summer (of course!).

T2: Matcha Latte! I love it any time of day for a well-needed boost, hot or iced depending on the weather and with a dash of honey.  

KE: Decaf dirty chai latte with oat milk and a boost of Beekeeper’s Naturals BLXR


“#letsbefrank, we’ve all had our fair share of big nights. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up to reset?”


AH: Shower followed by carbs!

RD: Reach for a Remedy (and a couple of Panadol). Once that’s worked it’s magic, I am all about getting SUPER CLEAN! I’m talking the works: Body scrub, hair mask, cleanse and then pop on a face mask whilst watching something real trashy. Trashy TV is a must as it makes me feel better about myself and whatever choices I made the night before (hahaha). 

LS: Open up the window and get some sunshine on our faces! The fresh air and sun always wake us up. Next, we’ll grab one of our Soulara Inner Aura Organic Ginger Kombuchas (both the ginger and the probiotics are great for giving some love to our tummies after a few too many cocktails), and have a warm, carb-filled breakfast to get ourselves feeling amazing again.

T2: Drink a pint of water, order food and then also have a Lemongrass and Ginger tea with honey! Hydration is key and can really help me on a rough day, food makes everything better, and Lemongrass and ginger tea has always been my go to for if I’m feeling under the weather in any way.

KE: Great rest is the ultimate detoxer so first thing I do is plan for a nap if I didn’t get enough sleep. Warm water with lemon followed by a steam or a run gets the lymph moving and sweat glands working as my first line of defence against malfeasance. 


“How do your products help babes feel their best selves?”


AH: Scent can have a huge impact on your mood. Lighting some incense and taking a moment for yourself can be surprisingly rejuvenating.

RD: Remedy is packed with live cultures, organic acids (AKA short chain fatty acids) and tea polyphenols. I think my favourite (and maybe lesser known benefit of kombucha) has to be polyphenols which are antioxidants that are naturally found in tea! Remedy Kombucha contains roughly 83mg of tea polyphenols per 330ml bottle. In science-speak, antioxidants have been found to scavenge for free radicals in the body and prevent them from causing cell damage. 

LS: Your body detoxes naturally, so there’s no need to go on a crazy juice cleanse or stick to a super restrictive diet. Soulara meals are 100% plant-based and are made with in-season, fresh produce, to deliver your body maximum nutrients with minimal interference from artificial ingredients or processed foods. They’re also dietitian-designed, to ensure you’re getting enough important nutrients like protein.

T2: Our detox tea has a sweet medley of herbs, leaves and berries that leave you feeling radiant and well-digested. Ingredients like stinging nettle can reduce inflammation and ingredients like juniper berries are high in antioxidants!

KE: Well firstly, it doesn’t “Tox” you to begin with which helps!  More importantly, the ingredients in Kin help to spur cellular regeneration at the mitochondrial level – which is just a fancy way to say, Kin can help kick sick cells out of our system and create new, stronger ones to replace them. It also helps with oxygen absorption in the brain, which contrary to popular belief is the first thing to suffer during intoxication, where the liver is the last. Remember, most of the things we intoxicate ourselves with are technically “NEUROTOXINS” so in order to unfuck your power supply, you have to start by nourishing the blood and brain. 


“Got any tips for getting the most out of your products?”


AH: Carve out a time to enjoy the incense burning – take a bath, read a book or even catch up on your favourite TV show.

RD: Don’t be afraid to have more than one. You can drink as much Remedy as your body wants (or craves)! 

S: Take a break from screentime and give yourself 10 minutes to eat your Soulara meal mindfully; that could mean plating it up with some fun toppings or enjoying it out in the fresh air.

T2: If it’s a herbal or fruit tisane, then you can really brew these ones for as long as you want (make sure you follow the guidelines with a green tea though). I love a really strong flavour when brewing certain herbal teas and fruit tisanes so I’ll leave them to brew for 5-10 minutes and then revel in all the flavour.

KE: Yes, shake the bottle and chill!


“What’s your favourite frank body product?”


AH: I love the Original Coffee Scrub. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. 

RD: I’ve been an OG Coffee Scrub girl since day one and find it hard to be swayed away from this product! It’s part of my weekly routine (Wednesday and Sunday nights are scrub nights) and I just looove my baby dolphin smooth skin after using it! After 6-7(?!) years I am still asking people to feel how soft my skin is after using it “TOUCH MY ARM! SERIOUSLY, TOUCH MY ARM!”. Never gets old… 

LS: It’s so hard to pick just one! The OG coffee scrub will always have a special place in our shower, but the Glow Mask has definitely stolen our hearts. We apply it over our lips as well as face to get everything all plump and moisturised in the morning, and sometimes we even sleep in it if our skin is looking a bit under the weather.

T2: I’m a real sucker for Vitamin C, so my new fave is the Brightening Vitamin C Mask. It gives me a cheeky glow!

KE:  I’m an OG Frank Body fan, so for me nothing beats the original coffee scrub. I even have my mom hooked and this woman is picky AF about her skincare.


“Finish the sentence: when life gets dirty, it gets….”


AH: Exciting

RD: Interesting! 

LS: Fun!

T2: Lively