I like to drink espresso as I don't see the point in disgracing the coffee with milk. I think it's best in it's purest form.

I like to drink espresso as I don't see the point in disgracing the coffee with milk. I think it's best in it's purest form.

I am not normally one to get soft and mushy. But when I found out Mr Tan’s dogs’ name was Bear, I instantly collapsed at the knees. Well, if I had knees, I would’ve.

When searching for #realmenscrub candidates, I came across a martial arts god. He was the most positive person I’ve ever laid eyes on, and has an accent that would make you babes swoon. Not only is he athletic, but he features in some of Hollywoods favourite films.

So I did you all a favour and spent some quality time with Lewis. I think we’re going to be best buds, or dudes. Whatever the men of today are saying. #letsbefrank

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

L: I guess I just choose to be happy for the day. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a choice. If I make it in the morning, it definitely helps the process.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

L: I’ll feed my dog, Bear – and then get coffee of course. I like to drink espresso as I don’t see the point in disgracing the coffee with milk. I think it’s best in it’s purest form.

f: You’ve been working on your latest film, Sacrifice, with Oscar-winning producer, Forest Whitaker. How has this experience been?

L: This is my first leading role in a feature film, so the whole experience has been very new, exciting and to be honest, incredible. We shot in Houston, Texas which was cool and somewhere I had never been. Forest is very serious about his work and creates a very intense yet creative environment on set. My father is an action director in films, so I have always been learning from the great’s of the industry. I am very privileged.

f: It’s all about the consequences of a lie.

L: Films can be over complicated in today’s age, however I think it is all so simple. At the end of the day, it is about telling a story. If everyone was to simplify things, both in movies and their lives, I think we would all see a domino effect. It would touch everyone and have an impact on their lives for the better.

f: What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

L: I am sorry to admit, but I have lied to people about where I am.. As bad as saying I was in a different country to get out of seeing them. To be honest, it wasn’t anything personal, but more I just couldn’t be bothered seeing anyone.

f: Biggest thing you have learnt thus far in the competitive industries such as film & modelling?

L: You really ask the big questions don’t you frank!! Ha, but no seriously, that is a good question. I think you learn to deal with criticism and how to best accept yourself. I think you need to revert back to what your intentions are in the industry, and the reasons behind why you’re doing what you’re doing. Are you in it for the art, the money, the story aspect etc. Once you personally understand your intentions, and those intentions are pure, then you’ll learn the most and be able to succeed.

The modelling industry is a little more brutal as you’re showing up purely for your aesthetics. But again, if you’re understanding of yourself and okay with that then you will be the best version of yourself.

f: You travel a lot for work. Best place you have been?

L: I absolutely love Thailand – I spend a lot of time there for work and find the energy magical. I was born in England, and now live in LA so I also have an appreciation for all the places in between in Europe. And yes, I have been to AUS. I really appreciated the lack of ego to be honest – it is a refreshing change to some of LA.

f: How do you fit your active lifestyle into this?

L: I am a very physical person and if I don’t fill that need I will be very frustrated. I think it is just about consistency, and finding something on that day you feel like doing.

f: You speak of a love of martial arts. Where did this come from?

L: That came from my father. He was a national champion of England, a very talented man. We spent a lot of time together, bonding over the sport and all it means. Originally when I was younger I hated it, then as I got older I learnt an appreciation for it. I now do it 3 times a week minimum, either with a heavy bag or with others. I mix this into my weight, gymnastics or swimming training too.

f: It is not your average sport – who inspires you to learn more and delve deeper into the art?

L: Bruce Lee is a huge inspiration for me – not just physically, but philosophically. The way he was able to make a statement for the Asian community in order to make them more free was incredible. For a culture that is generally quite closed minded, or used to be; he has been able to break that boundary and mentality.

f: Beauty regime?

L: Water. Sorry is that too basic? But in all honesty, I am a pretty simple dude. I really enjoyed my scrub sesh, #realmenscrub. I actually used it before a shoot for Armani, and the stylist couldn’t stop feeling my skin.

f: What do you look for in a beauty product?

L: If I have sunscreen & water I am happy. And so is my skin.

f: Do you use anything in particular post workout?

L: I often have a cold shower after I’ve been in the steam room. Then I will put lotion or moisturiser on, and sunscreen of course.

f: You have a big job / film coming up. Does anything change in your beauty or fitness regime?

L: In my head, I am training for an action movie which I have not yet booked, but I know that if I work hard it will come. I don’t want the day to come, and I am unprepared. So I am constantly doing things to stay fit and take care of my body.

f: Average day on a plate?

L: I am quite a clean eater. I have a lot of chicken, fish and vegetables – especially sweet potato. However I do love Italian food, sushi and wine. If I am really indulgent, ill eat something fried. A nasty pizza or chilli cheeseburger will always do the trick.

f: One tip for staying healthy when travelling?

L: I am not going to lie – it is super difficult. When I am travelling, I want to experience the culture and their foods and I don’t want to be stuck thinking what I can and cannot eat. I do give myself a bit of a break, however I just don’t ever drink soda or eat junk food. I’ve trained my body not to like or crave those things which I think helps.

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

L: In the bible – your body is your temple. I like that, you wouldn’t bring something disgusting into a temple.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

L: Alejandro González Iñárritu – The director of the 2014 film, Birdman. See it, believe it. My favourite film of the year, you will love it.

xx frank

I like to drink espresso as I don't see the point in disgracing the coffee with milk. I think it's best in it's purest form.