I am a mad coffee fan so find it hard to pick between all of your varieties.

I am a mad coffee fan so find it hard to pick between all of your varieties.

Us males are hard work(ing). We’re rigid in our ways, and often don’t like to be told what to do, and when to do it.

That has made my job to convince males that, #realmenscrub a little harder. But one hunky male (if I do say so myself) has come to the party (kitchen) and is doing manly things, in a big way.

Dan Churchill won babes hearts around the country when competing in Masterchef. I’ve been told it’s his cheeky grin and chiselled abs, but frankly I’m waiting for my dinner party invite. It’s yet to come – however we did chat, whilst he scrubbed. I took one for the team, babes. You can thank me later.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Australian born and bred: @dan_churchill

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

D: Ha, would it be weird if I said breakfast? Actually – wait! I go to bed thinking of breakfast.. So I guess I wake up working out how I am going to make said breakfast.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

D: Turn the stove on and get cracking.. sometimes I get so excited that clothing does become optional.

f: What/who made you enter Masterchef?

D: That was my own idea. There is so much to learn about cooking – the various methods, techniques and I guess food in general. I figured this would be the perfect platform to do so and be exposed to some of the worlds best professionals in the process. Let’s just say my mates had a bit of a chuckle when I told them..

f: Biggest lesson you learnt about reality TV?

D: You are always being watched (creepy). Even when you don’t think the cameras are rolling, bang – they’ve got you. I saw it as a bit of a challenge, and you frank know as well as I do that guys love a challenge.

f: You just launched Dudefood in America. Tell me about the tour?

D: It’s all been crazy. Launching anything on Good Morning America is phenomenal. Let alone doing so with a book that’s been made on your bedroom floor, that’s just surreal. There were millions of people watching, but I was just in my element having so much fun cooking.. it’s what I do.

f: And #letsbefrank, how was Blake Lively?

D: Ahhhh Blake… Note: first name basis. Ha just joking around. She was absolutely lovely. Her and Ryan love to cook so we had a great chat in the kitchen. She found it refreshing how calm I looked (even though secretly on the inside I was jumping up and down). I knew I had to play this one cool. It was really sweet to meet such a cool chick, and she even asked for a #dudefood cookbook for Ryan, too. Day made!

f: You’re just a dude from the Northern Beaches. If you’re not cooking, where will I find you?

D: Definitely at the beach, the gym or in the surf. Otherwise a cafe, sporting match or just out with the boys.

f: You fancy one of my babes. What’s on the menu?

D: Hmmm I always say something that will test the lovely lady into being herself. I try to make something naturally messy as I love to see if they just go for it, or be slightly more rigid and use a knife and fork.. Let’s go spaghetti bolognaise, beef tortillas or buckwheat soba noodles with sesame salmon.

f: You workout, I can tell. What’s in your routine?

D: Definitely a bit of everything. I love to hit the gym, mix it up with a bit of crossfit, punch the hell out of some bags, go for a paddle, hit the stairs for some sprints or just a good old beach run. I feel that if I mix things up I’m never bored or favouring one aspect of my body.

f: And your man-beauty routine post workout?

D: To be honest, it used to be a protein shake. But I have learnt that doesn’t really count. Now some of my more body/beauty conscious mates have been teaching me the ways of moisturiser etc. Apparently there is an art to it?

f: My products are made up of natural, edible ingredients. Pick a scrub, any scrub. And turn it into a recipe?

D: I am a mad coffee fan so find it hard to pick between all of your varieties. However I am loving the new peppermint one.. So I am thinking a Banana Coffee Ice Cream with a peppermint glass.. Boom! Super tasty, wickedly simple and quality dessert.

f: What is one thing you’d like girls to know? Take one for the team, dude.

D: I think girls should try and not over think anything. If they are out with mates, or just a bloke – please try and be yourself and true to who you are. Sometimes it may result in nothing eventuating, but in the long run it’ll mean the person you’re with appreciates you for who you are. You’ll avoid issues later on, and guys are dead set attracted to natural beauty – well I am at least.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

D: Tom Brady, Daly Cherry Evans, Quade Cooper, Hayden Quinn.. The fellas list goes on and on..

Line up guys, come one come many. My main man Dan has spoken. It’s time for all dudes to realise, #realmenscrub.

xx frank

I am a mad coffee fan so find it hard to pick between all of your varieties.