My skin shows my diet.

My skin shows my diet.

I talked dirty with one of my all time #frankcrush(es) Bree Warren. An Australian model & surfer kicking it on the streets of New York City. She’s gearing up for NYFW… which means our shower dates have become a little more frequent.

#letsbefrank; I’m not complaining.

I like bodies and I like positivity. You’ve combined them both by calling yourself a ‘body positive babe’, what does that stand for?

I’m all about appreciating a range of sizes and body types. Being healthy, confident and accepting of our bodies for what they are is what I want to encourage. It’s important for the next generation to see a range of shapes and sizes represented in fashion.

I’m at New York Fashion Week, what do I see?

Outfit inspo & a lot of chic people crammed into small spaces.

What do I hear?

SO much goss! It’s the one time of year when the entire industry comes together – it’s SO juicy.

Your skin is having ‘a moment’. What do you do?

Well I scrub my bod, of course. Then my face regime stays the same – I use Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, followed by Clarins Hydra Quench moisturiser, morning & night. For me, I know my skin shows my diet. So if I’ve been overindulging, I can see it in my face. Weird, I know. Lots of water, vegetables & less processed foods does wonders, too.

Who’s the one person you can’t live without?

My boyfriend Mitch. We have The Wave Provocateur together.

They say ‘only a surfer knows the feeling’. How would you describe it?

It’s refreshing! I think there is something cool about spending time in the water & being part of the ocean. I like that you never really know what’s coming.

Finish this sentence: Life’s messy when…

I’m in the kitchen. Although I’m always kind of messy though.

See you on the runways, babe.

x frank

PS: Want to see more #dirtytalk? It’s right here, babe.

My skin shows my diet.