So when you’re done with your healthy hot chocolate, meet me in the shower.

Listen, babes. I’m no doctor but I feel like when the temperatures drop, so does your mood. And I’m not down with this.

So I’ve decided to share some tips and tricks that will warm you from the inside out #justthekindofguyiam.

Get yo’ Vitamin D.

It’s pretty obvious the sun takes a vacay during winter. Fewer daylight hours mean our skin doesn’t get the vitamin D it needs. So my advice is to take advantage of any gentle sun exposure you can get – as soon as you rise from your beauty sleep open up the blinds, take a walk outside, and do those sun salutations. Alternatively, orange juice is a source of vitamin D – try having a glass with breakfast to help up your daily requirement.


It truly is the best medicine. Being a hermit is not the answer this winter – keep social, smile, and laugh a lot. I’ve got an extremely healthy solution that involves both you and me. Grab your lover, or your besties (the more the merrier) and scrub in a hot shower – sounds like a bundle of fun to me.


Finding yourself rugged up in bed rather than pounding the pavement? Getting motivated to exercise usually cools off during winter, too. But it’s important to maintain an active and regular exercise regime. If you’re not keen to run in the rain, how about yoga, pilates or a spin class instead? – Choose a form of movement that will get your blood pumping and break a sweat. If you’re feeling tight, sore or tired take the time to stretch… or you could scrub it out with me. My peppermint scrub will help wake you up.


Stuck inside? No dramas, that’s where the shower is. But once you’re done with me, there’s plenty to do in the house. Rearrange your furniture, cook a giant feast, clean out your wardrobe or organize the biggest Twister party ever. Sometimes it’s nice to think inside the square.You’ll feel organized, calmer, and accomplished*. *Twister might leave you feeling the opposite of all the above.

Eat Chocolate.

I know all babes loves chocolate – did you know cacao can help boost your mood? So when you’re done with your healthy hot chocolate, meet me in the shower. My cacao scrub will not only leave your skin feeling smooth and supple, but it smells like someone baked a cake in the bathroom.

#letsbefrank it’s never too cold to jump in the shower for a hot scrub sesh. Sounds like the ideal winter warmer to me. Until then, find a jumper so warm you don’t need pants – because we all know no pants are the best pants.

frank xx.



So when you’re done with your healthy hot chocolate, meet me in the shower.