Reading an ingredient list can be like reading a language you don’t understand. But #letsbefrank, understanding ingredients is the first step to making better choices for your skin. 


That’s why I’ve broken down my top 40 ingredients in my products, to help you understand why I include them, and what they can do for your skin. 


They’re natural, effective, and every single one has an important part to play. Plus, they’re easy to understand. Scroll, then shop the products they belong to. 


Aloe Vera: A hydrating ingredient, it soothes irritated and pissed off skin. 


Argan Oil: An ultra-moisturising ingredient to tame dry skin and hair. 


Beeswax: Mine’s ethically-sourced and moisturising to leave your lips soft and supple. 


Charcoal: Clears out clogged up pores, for skin that doesn’t need a beauty filter. 


Cocoa Butter: Protects and moisturises even the driest of patches.


Coconut Oil: Nature’s solution to dry, patchy, blemished skin. 


Coffee Seed Oil: Soothes, moisturises, protects with vitamin E, and energises tired skin.


Evening Primrose Oil: Firms, smooths, and soothes irritated, problem skin.


Eucalyptus: Naturally antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory, but pro smooth, blemish-free skin.


Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax: Sounds like euphoria. Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and age spots. Also hydrates for extra smooth skin. Show off.


Finger Lime: A powerful exfoliator that brightens skin, takes on scars, and softens pigmentation. 


Glycolic Acid: An AHA that gobbles up your top layer of dead, dull skin. Revealing smooth skin and an even complexion.


Goji Berry Extract: This antioxidant evens out skin tone, leaving it skin smooth, radiant, and oh so glowy.


Grapeseed Oil: Packed with vitamins C, D, & E, it firms skin and helps fade the appearance of scars. 


Hemp Seed Oil: A time machine for skin, it helps reduce fine lines and can prevent signs of ageing. 


Hydrolyzed Keratin: A healthy alternative to synthetic conditioner, it softens hair, helping reduce breakage and frizz. 


Jojoba Beads: Environmentally-friendly to polish dryness and fake tan for naturally glowing skin. 


Kakadu Plum: With the highest concentration of Vitamin C, this native Australian ingredient fights ageing, blemishes, and sun-damaged skin. 


Kaolin: A centuries-old ingredient that draws out impurities, removes dead skin, and manages breakouts.


Lactic Acid: A super-hydrating AHA that firms and plumps skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 


Lanolin: Intensely hydrating and ultra-protecting, it soothes cracked lips and skin. 


Lavender: Relaxes tired skin, puts blemishes to bed, and smells like heaven. 


Macadamia Seed Oil: Hydrates and nourishes skin with vitamins A, E, & D. 


Marshmallow Root Extract: A soothing ingredient, it helps relieve itchy, red, and irritated skin. 


Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Rich in fatty acids, it manages skin’s oil production. Basically, it helps make dry skin softer and oily skin less oily.


Mica: Nature’s glitter. These are teeny tiny, environmentally-friendly particles that cover skin in a subtle shimmer. 


Milk Thistle Oil: An anti-aging and antioxidant rich ingredient, it supports skin healing for newer, bouncy looking skin. 


Niacinamide: An active ingredient that settles down redness, improves skin & hair health, and reduces irritation & congestion. 


Papaya & Pineapple Extract: Natural fruit enzymes that literally dissolve dead skin, resulting in glowier, bouncier skin. 


Peppermint: Tingly and refreshing, it leaves skin & hair feeling and looking fresh.


Roasted Coffee Grinds: A natural exfoliator, it buffs away dry, dead skin, leaving you looking and feeling softer and smoother. 


Rosehip Oil: Nourishing and moisturising, it brightens dull skin and shows scars who’s boss: you are. 


Rosemary: A super ingredient that packs a punch. It soothes, de-puffs, and wakes up hair follicles. 


Salicylic Acid: Acne’s worst nightmare. Comes from willow bark and it gets deep into pores to exfoliate and clear congestion and bacteria. 


Shea Butter: The secret to softer skin; soothing, toning, and hydrating without making you feel greasy. It’s a conditioner for skin. 


Squalane: A tall drink of water for skin, this ingredient is antioxidant packed to make it look healthier, more vibrant, and more hydrated. 


Sugar: Another way to exfoliate, sugar is easy-dissolvable to gently buff your skin. The result? Softer, smoother, sweeter skin. 


Sweet Almond Oil: This oil knows how to smooth you over. Packed with antioxidants, it hydrates skin, leaving it soft and supple long after using. 


Vitamin C: A super ingredient for super babes. It brightens, reduces the appearance of lines and hyperpigmentation, and reveals newer, fresher skin. 


Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps protect and repair damaged skin. Don’t forget to wear protection, babe. 


Benzyl Alcohol: Okay you got me. Z is a hard one. An antioxidant and a preservative, I use benzyl alcohol from cinnamon to kill bacteria in your products, helping them last longer. 


So, now you know. With knowledge in your head, and me on your skin, you’re ahead of the skincare game, babe.


Time to go shopping.