Dirty hair, you should care. But we aren’t talking about your week old unwashed top-knot. We’re talking about why it’s time to get your locks dirty with frank.


We chat a lot about how caffeine can help your skin, but did you know it has just as many benefits for your hair? Here are eight reasons why you should add caffeine to your hair care routine.


  1. Go longer.


Coffee doesn’t just help get you going, but it helps get your hair growing. DHT is also known as the sex hormone, but it’s not as fun as it sounds. A natural amount of DHT is nothing to worry about, but too much of a good thing quickly becomes a bad thing, and in DHTs case, too much of it causes hair loss.


Enter our favourite bevy (closely followed by espresso martinis, of course) coffee combats hair loss by blocking the effects of DHT. Instead of drinking it, apply caffeine to your roots a few times a week for longer, thicker locks.


  1. It’s all about balance


You know how some days we eat kale and do pilates and other days we survive on nothing but seven cups of coffee and a doughnut? #balance. Well turns out coffee is great to balance that pH. It’s naturally acidic which helps to beat frizz and breakage.


But before you hit up Starbucks for a triple shot Venti Mocha, we don’t mean “drinking coffee”. We mean pouring it on your head #getdirty. Or, it might just be easier to shop some haircare containing coffee.


  1. Shine bright


Caffeine can give your dull and lifeless locks the boost they need, you know, kind of like it does for dull and lifeless you on a Sunday morning? Coffee doesn’t just help your hair grow. It makes your strands shinier and softer too.


Our new favourite F word, Flavonoids are Antioxidants found in caffeine. These promote hair regeneration while softening your strands and helping with moisture retention. This means healthy, hydrated, strong and shiny strands.


  1. Feel that burn


Sun’s out buns out. We love to get a little “cheeky” in summer, but it isn’t all sunshine and good times when it comes to your skin and hair. 


Thankfully, caffeine contains polyphenols and numerous vitamins that help prevent and fight against sun damage. So, you can help fight sun damage by simply sipping on a cuppa every morning. For a bonus bit of protection add a caffeine-based product to your hair care routine (we know a guy).


  1. We’re on a break


Much worse than the notorious Ross and Rachel break, is when your hair decides to take a break from your head. Literally, hair breakage is the worst. And while it may not be able to heal your latest Tinder breakup, caffeine can certainly help with hair breakage


As mentioned above, coffee helps your hair grow longer, stronger and healthier. It also keeps your locks in their growth phase for longer, meaning your hair will be less likely to make the break.


  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub.


It’s time to get dirty from head to toe, literally. Healthy hair starts at your scalp which means no inflammation, irritation and dead skin cells. 


A caffeinated scalp scrub is gentle enough to exfoliate all the nasties while also soothing your scalp and repairing your hair from the inside out.


This article is a guest post by Kaitlyn Wilson at Sitting Pretty. Sitting Pretty solves thin hair problems with uniquely designed halo hair extensions, so you can look like you, but you’er.