MYTH 1: There is no use for collagen products when you are young.

Boosting your collagen production helps slow down the signs of ageing, even when you’re young. 

Things like pollution, smoking, and sun damage can cause early signs of ageing, so it’s not just for when you’re older.

Future you will thank you for it. 

MYTH 2: Your skin can absorb pure collagen.

Your skin cannot absorb collagen because the molecule is too big. 

Pure collagen creams and serums can’t penetrate the dermis layers and magically add collagen to your skin.

But you can apply ingredients (like vitamin C and ferulic acid) that encourage your skin to make its own collagen. 

My Collagen Boost Serum has 10% vitamin C, paired with ferulic acid to help your skin better absorb it.

MYTH 3: If it has collagen in the name, it’s not vegan.

Although pure collagen is often made from animal products, that’s just not my style.

My new Collagen Boost Serum has no collagen in the product, no animal cruelty, and no BS.

I named it that becuase it’s here to boost your collagen production, thanks to vitamin C.

MYTH 4: Collagen is only good for skin health

It’s great for your skin elasticity (or stretchiness) as well as healthy joints, bones, muscles, and blood.

That’s why eating plenty of vitamin C-rich foods is so good for you; because it helps your body produce more of the good stuff (collagen).

Citrus foods, capsicum, strawberries, and tomatoes are all high in vitamin C. Make a fruit salad, babe.

My vitamin C serum is an overachiever also packed with antioxidants, check out what that means for your skin (good things).